Erik Euwe

Founder E-Mail: [email protected] Founder and lead of QVS. Has a demonstrated track record of transformations and business improvements projects with large multinationals. Having a background of Business Logistics and Business Economics, Erik worked for Accenture, KPMG Consulting & Genpact alongside QVS Consulting which he founded in 1997.

Tim Dekker

Business Intelligence & Data Science Consultant E-Mail: [email protected] Senior consultant who wants to make the world a better place by making things more fun, more efficient and more sustainable. Designs, develops and implements BI solutions. A skilled product owner and team lead with expertise in the full Microsoft BI stack.

Vivian van den Broek

Sales & Support E-Mail: [email protected] Passionate organizer and 360 degrees support for QVS. Being active in different roles for HR, Contracts, Sales and Backoffice, Vivian does not only keep us together but also all our efforts.

Thank you

All the QVS Consulting professionals we have worked with over the years, especially Ronald van der Sanden, Laurens Osse, Alexander Steggerda and Guardian George. But also all the alliances and cooperations with different organisations and freelance professionals we had the pleasure working with.