QVS Consulting was founded in 1997 and since then we work with consultants that drive change and lead teams. Consultants who are talented and skilled to make things happen at your organisation. And above all, people that deliver added value for your business.


Whether you are working on a Digital Transformation, Cloud Migration and / or Business Transformation, we guide you through the digital landscape and support you to take advantage of digital technologies. Feel free to invite us for a consulting proposal or let us know what demand you have for skilled resources on a time material basis.


We have done quite some maturity assessments and quick scans to understand current status and challenges. From this, designing your future Operating Model is something we can help you with. A clear Vision will help you to get commitment for your digital transformation. Feel free to reach out, whether you just need a sparring partner or consultants to support your team.


Many organizations are focused on transactions instead of business events. The perceived added value is under pressure and this creates an opportunity to increase the added value for your organisation all around. We can help your team to simplify and adopt best practices, create new and advanced data insights and implement digital technologies.


Standardization is key to enable a high automation level and a consistent data source for analytics. Fix the basics to make room for what's crucial for the business. Getting there is all about interpretation of your data and a drive for process excellence. Your team will be able to make the change if the right circumstances (i.e. mindset) are created. Feel free to invite us to make it happen at your organisation.